They say you’re my past,

To me a history in my present;

A story written on the pages of my life.

A poetry engraved on my heart that can’t lie.

A verse that will be always remembered,

A moon that can’t ever be mine.

© Supriya dogra

Siempre abrazándote

I sold my soul

To my mind.

Buried my heart deep.

My ashes falling from your hands,

In the ocean and somewhere in the sky;

My hopes are still high;

Like these stars,

Now , falling from the sky .

Galaxies are getting destroyed from my world..

My horoscope was all a lie..

For the sake of my love …

I did sacrificed mine.

I don’t know about anybody else,

But in my heart you are all mine.

Don’t fall for my words ,

I did said .

Cuz my love won’t ever scatter,

Just like these days and nights;

Like always it was ,

From near or far;

Moon will be embraced by the moonlight.🌙

– supriya dogra 🐰

It’s dark again

Kill me rather

Than making my heart beat again

I’ve lost my mind

When you’re so far away

The winds are not in my favor

Can’t say you ,


The bright side of my horoscope is lying

Making me pay,

Your name

When it eco in me…

I can’t resist anymore

I’m scared…

It’s dark again

Please stay…

-supriya dogra🌙

Bunny’s letter to you 🐰

To my,

Dear you,

I don’t know if you are reading this or not, maybe I won’t be able to say whatever I want to; to you every in my life. I can’t say.. though I want to..I have to let these thoughts out cuz these are making me go crazy. A grande of thoughts, confession, questions, complaints and arguments is about to explode… sorry cuz I don’t have any courage to say these words to you now, nor I had it before . I was selfish maybe for myself maybe for you….I don’t know why the heck..I did this all of the sudden cuz cuz I never planned it nor I thought about hurt you ,to leave you . Yes I said I don’t feel for you anymore…I Don’t love you anymore!,…. I’m glad you believed these words.. though I never meant them…I thought it’ll be hard for you to move on ,but I’m happy to see to did well ..and I’m glad you are doing great…you are happy…. you should be happy cuz the one who hurt you in any way is still there and guess , gonna be always there…I was your third charm and I promise I’ll never show up ever again..oh I know you don’t know what’s third charm….,😅 Wait for my next letter … I’ll tell you soon..

PS: I’ll be cheering for you always from far like a fan of yours loving you like I do always, love you ♥

Your bunny 🐰